Friday, July 4, 2008

F-150 delayed

Ford has delayed release of the 09' F-150 due to overstock of 08' models. Rising gas prices have put all suvs and trucks in a stand still. The people who were comfortable paying $30 a fill up back when are no longer able to put $100 in the tank weekly. Ford of course will be refousing their bread and butter winner. Ford was known for quite some time for their trucks and suvs but with the shift in the market, cars and crossovers are there new target to bring in the $. The redesigned Focus is selling like hotcakes and Ford will soon release the Fiesta, a small economical car for the market of today. The Tarus will be brand new for the 2010 model, a revised Fusion and an updated Mustang. Ford has just released there Flex and gaining success with there well known Edge. As for the years to come the F-150, Expedition and Explorer will be a thing of the past.

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