Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sexy Mazda!!

Mazda finally did what they always wanted, which was to add sportiness and sex appeal into their designs. Their crossovers look great, the rx-8 looks great and now the new 6 looks fanastic.
If you really look at the detailed design, its really nice, espically when you look below at the previous 6.
The inside however is nothing sporty. However when your building a sporty car, you don't except a luxurious interior. Those are two different classes, so future buyers, don't bitch! The new 6 should pack an optional 3.5 v6 producing at least 260hp.

As far as my forecast for this car goes, they should meet the goal, which is to sell 100,000 units annually. Way to go Mazda, have fun with it!

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